SINDEC High build Epoxy


SINDEC has developed a high performance HIGH BUILD EPOXY to meet the requirements of any industrial warehouse settings & areas of heavy foot and machinery traffic.

As machinery and workforce individuals use areas repetitively, this product helps your surface perform at the highest level, something exposed or untreated concrete would not be able to withstand and decay over time.

Professional line markings can be archived by masking and applying the epoxy for desired results, making your working environment Health & Safety compliant. Not only is this coating incredibly resilient but can also have anti-slip properties with the right aggregates.

With 250-300g per coat and a thickness of approximately 0.5mm int total, SINDEC HIGH BUILD EPOXY is industrial performance at its best.


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Product Features

  • High Performance & Strength

  • Easy to use Application Multilayer System

  • Surface Used in 24hrs

  • Super Durable Coating

  • Good Abrasion Resistance

  • 4:1 Ratio.

  • Can withstand Heavy Loads (Forklifts & Machinery)

  • High Product Yield at 3-4m2 per kg

  • Seamless, Easy-to-Clean Surface.

  • Pigmented and Line Markings Ready

  • Good Chemical Resistance

  • Anti-Slip Compatible

Additional information

Weight 10 kg